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Whiskey Peak looms above Dubois, Wyoming, though it seems rather blah when viewed from that angle. The mountain itself is pretty nondescript, but the views are incredible, top to bottom. Starting in near desert terrain, passing through forest and ending on a mostly barren and windswept summit. Doesn't get much better than this.

From the bridge that crosses the Wind River as you are headed out of Dubois to the east, drive 2.3 miles and turn right onto the Trail Lake Road. Drive to the end of the road to find several trails leading off into the wilds of the Winds, Whiskey Peak being only one of endless destinations starting here. Gannett Peak being one.

Find the trail easy enough and start walking. Pass Lake Louise and then on up to the junction where the route continues on to Ross Lakes but turning upwards and to the right. It's a few miles. From this point you will soon come to the summit. It will probably have Bighorn Sheep all over it.

Bighorn Sheep are fo…

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